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Find your “brand” and be consistent. Whether at home or in a professional setting, keeping the fixture design simple and the colour palette monochromatic or uncomplicated will make your look flexible enough to be used throughout the rest of the home or business without fuss.

Think about what you’d like to communicate with your space. Far from the absence of emotion, the simplest designs can evoke strong feelings when utilized the right way. Try placing a bold and bare vintage Edison style pendantcenter stage in your living room, or dot your hallway with black box downlights for a dramatic effect.

Minimalism loves space. Many people who are lucky enough to have an open floor plan, may wish to fill every inch with treasured items – that means wall art, rugs and furniture. The austere homeowner will choose instead to let space enhance their carefully chosen objects, as they are few, and meaningful. A striking object residing in a clean space demands attention.

Don’t leave out a pop of color. Perhaps it’s a lipstick red slim table lamp, or maybe a neon column floor lamp in a stark white room. The design, placement and surroundings will determine contemporary more than the colors you choose, so don’t forget to have fun!


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