G4 LED Bulbs 2w Equivalent 20w Replacement for Halogen Capsule DC/AC 12v/220V Frosted Cover Warm White [Energy Class A++] 5PACK

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Emitting Color: Warm White 3000K
Wattage: 2W
Options: 12V

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5 x G4 LED Bulbs 2w Equivalent 20w Replacement for Halogen Capsule 12v with Frosted Cover Warm White [Energy Class A++]


  • 12v/220V
  • 2w Equivalent 20w
  • 3000 kelvin Warm White
  • Lasts Longer
  • Upto 90% Energy Saving On Running Costs
  • Produces Less Heat
  • Better Light Quality
  • Low Voltage 12v OR AC 220V

Blister pack of 5 High Quality 12v G4 LED Capsule Bulbs with Frosted Cover for Smoother Light

Uses 2w Only Giving Light Equivalent to 20w Up to 90% Energy Saving On Running Costs

 Lasts Longer Than Traditional Halogen Capsule Saving Re-Lamping Costs, Produces Less Heat

3000k Warm White Colour Nice and Soft Light Not To Harsh, CE Approved, Not Dimmable

Ideal For Chandeliers, G4 Lamp Fixtures, G4 Wall Light Fixtures and Most G4 Light Fixtures Using 12v 

G4 LED Bulbs 2w Warm White 12v

If you are using small halogen capsule light bulbs to light up those Chandeliers, Wall lights, Lamp Fixtures then look at switching to G4 LED bulbs in order to get the same amount of light, but using less electricity ensuring lower running costs. LED light bulbs are now replacing most of the older halogen bulbs due to their increased efficiency and long life. You will find with this type of bulb is you do have a number of options to choose from ranging from warm light to cool light.

Blister Pack

Our G4 LED bulbs has frosted cover ensures light is emitted more subtle to the eyes with soft detail around the area being lit up.

Ideal For Most G4 Light Fittings

Whether you are using the G4 LEDs in a chandelier, wall light or another G4 fixture these are an excellent choice to replace standard halogen G4 bulbs. Thanks to LED technology it is now possible to have G4 bulbs in 3000k. Warm White gives of glowing light quality it has a warmer light, making your space look ambient and welcoming.

G4 LED In Lamp Fixtures

When it comes to emitting light, G4 LEDs spread it out rather than it being a narrow beam angle and this is why they are used for general purpose lighting rather than as a way to focus light on a certain area. This is achieved due to the design as they have a series of chips along the full length of the bulb and the result is that the light is well balanced and they do not leave any dark shadows.

Packing includes

  • 5*G4 LED BULBS

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