Glitter Poly Nail Gel Extension 15ml Gel Polish All For Manicure Poly Builder

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15ml Shiny Poly Nail Gel Hot Sale Fashion Colors Quick Builder Extension Glitter Poly Temperature Nail Extension

  • Volume: 15 ml
  • Color: 12 Colors
  • Used for: Nail Extension
  • Cured: UV/LED Lamp

Step by Step

  1. Use the nail file to shape you nail surface.
  2. Apply the base coat. Cure by UV/LED lamp.
  3. Use suitable shape of the nail.
  4. Apply adequate amount of the glitter poly for gel on the nail plate model.
  5. Apply the crystal gel averagely on the nail model with brush.
  6. Put the poly to your nail. Cured by UV/LED lamp.
  7. Remove the nail plate model after dry, extend a molding.
  8. Apply the top coat. Cure by UV/LED lamp.
  9. Complete. 

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