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Yes, that's right - by popular demand the Gronk Shaker is here. This bad boy will keep your 26oz vodka and water ice cold the entire day while you party at the beach, fly across the country or throw the ultimate party at your house watching the big game. 
So you don't drink vodka and water?  How about ice cold beer?  No? Perfect, the Gronk Shaker will also blend up protein shakes, pre-workout, Emergen-C or best of all it will keep your water ice cold all day long as you re-hydrate after a long night of partying.


• Our Same great 26oz stainless steel Ice Shaker now available as a limited run, Gronk Signature Edition.

• Large engraving is on backside of the bottle

•Premium Quality Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Protein Shaker Bottle that holds ice for 30+ hours.

• Comes with a removable agitator that twists into the lid - The Ice shaker blends protein powder with ease.

•BPA free leak proof pop top that is easy to open while still being secure enough to shake, No more accidental spills or messes in the gym. Easy to open and drink, Don't waste your time having to twist off a cap.

•Kitchen grade premium stainless steel cup that does not absorb odor. No more smelly plastic shaker bottles! Odor resistant metal cup makes it perfect for pre workout, juices, protein powder shakes, BCAAs, coffee, smoothies, martinis, cocktails, ice tea, and water.

•Sweat proof bottle, no more wet cold hands and sweat rings all over your tables. The double wall vacuum insulated bottle prevents condensation from building up on the bottle by preventing cold or heat from transferring to the outside of the bottle.

•Tapered bottle design that is easy to fill with measurement markings inside the bottle and fits all standard size cup holders. Bring your portable Ice Shaker cup to the gym, office, pool, beach, camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, yoga, biking, road trips, hiking, sports games, everywhere!


2.75in wide at the base

3.25in wide at top

10in tall


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