Instachew PETKIT Gen 2, Gen 3, SOLO Water Fountain Replacement Filters

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PETKIT Eversweet Pet Water Fountain 2.0/3.0, Automatic and UltraSilent, White Color Multiple Replacement Filter with Shortage Alert

The Eversweet Fountain 2.0/3.0 Replacement Filters have multiple filtering components and are made of high-density micropore filter pulp which allows for the fountain to capture your pet's hair and other impurities in the water. Each pack contains five filters. For those who have the older Eversweet Fountain 1.0, you will need the Filter Tray Add-On to apply the Eversweet Fountain 2.0/3.0 Replacement Filters. The filters should be replaced every three months under the SMART MODE and every month under the normal mode. The filter indicator will turn ORANGE when the filter needs to be replaced.


  • šŒš”š‹š“šˆšš‹š„ š…šˆš‹š“š„š‘šˆšš† š‚šŽšŒššŽšš„šš“š’: This item has double filtering components which are made of high density micropore filter pulp, the fountain is able to filter dirt, rocks, animal hair, lingering food, and more impurities

  • š„š€š’š˜ šˆšš’š“š€š‹š‹š€š“šˆšŽš: To change the filter simply turn off the fountain, disassemble the filters, and replace the old filter with the new one

  • š’š€š…š„ š€ššƒ šƒš”š‘š€šš‹š„: High quality plastic; BPA and lead free and made of US

  • š”š‹š“š‘š€ š’šˆš‹š„šš“: You can hardly hear any sound from the fountain; You will not have any noises even in your bedroom; The unique water flow design is suitable for both dogs and cats

  • š„šš„š‘š†š˜ š’š€š•šˆšš†: For this mode, the pump will be on for 2 minutes, and off for 1 minute during the day; At night, the pump will be on for 5 mins and rest for 55 mins; For normal Mode, the pump is on throughout the day

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