Pool Cover PE Pool Protector Heat Insulation Film Multi Colors/Sizes

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Size: 315" x 196.9"
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This solar pool film sits directly on the water surface inside your pool's edges, and can thereby raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 33.8?F, depending on the amount of direct sunshine. With PE bubbles all over its surface, the heat is contained much longer. It is the least expensive way to heat your swimming pool. At the same time, it helps reduce chemical consumption, as well as water evaporation.


It is easily tailored to fit smaller sized pools. It is lightweight and easy to install and maintain.

  • Color: Blue / Black
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 13.1 ft / 26.3 x 16.5 ft / 33 x 16.5 ft / 102 x 63 inch (L x W) / 118 x 79 inch (L x W) / 178 x 87 inch (L x W) / 216 x 108 inch (L x W) / 288 x 144 inch (L x W) / 157.5" x 78.7" (L x W) / 236,2" x 118,1" (L x W) / 192,1" x 96,1" (L x W) / 383,9" x 192,1" (L x W)
  • Material: Thick PE film with air chambers

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